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Facility Siting Standards Update: API 752, 753 and 756

January 23, 2024

Updates to RPs 752, 753, 756: What Do They Mean For Your Organization

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has announced updates to the Recommended Practices (RP) that make up the Facility Siting standards. These updates will come into effect in June 2024, giving organizations six months to prepare.

As stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard 29 CFR Part 1910, this is a requirement for Process Safety Management (PSM) covered facilities.

January 2024 has seen the API announce the publication of the latest editions of safety standards:

  • Recommended Practice 752 (RP 752) Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Permanent Buildings, 4th edition
  • Recommended Practice 753 (RP 753) Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Portable Buildings, 2nd edition
  • Recommended Practice 756 (RP 756) Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Tents, 2nd edition

What Updates Have Been Made?

There are 62 new mandatory requirements included in the updates, including:

  • Expanded sections on fire and toxic release hazards
  • Alignment of the toxic shelter approach with API RP 751, Safe Operation of Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Units
  • Guidance on the treatment of portable buildings that are used as permanent structures To learn more about the changes visit the API Webstore and search for RPs 752, 753, and 756.

To learn more, visit the API Webstore.

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