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IIOC Aerospace College Meets In Madrid

October 22, 2015

The Independent International Organisation for Certification's (IIOC) Aerospace College concluded a meeting in Madrid, Spain the week of October 19, 2015. ABS Group is an active member of the IIOC and the Aerospace College. The IIOC Aerospace College is presently chaired by Paul Dionne, ABS Group Aerospace Program Manager.

The IIOC Aerospace College hosted the meeting with other IIOC members during the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) General Assembly. The meetings covered changes and certification body related matters planned for the Aerospace series of standards (AS9100D, AS9110B, AS9120B and AS9101F) as well as the revised Rules Standard - AS9104-1, Auditor Qualification AS9104-3 and ICOP/Oversight AS9104-2.


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