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ABS Group Provides Insight Into LNG Bunkering in North America

May 11, 2015

(Houston) ABS Group, a leading provider of consulting and technical services to the marine industry, recently conducted industry research and analysis that resulted in an update to last year's landmark study, Bunkering of Liquefied Natural Gas-Fueled Marine Vessels in North America. ABS, the publisher, released this second edition to meet the growing needs of industry and to provide guidance and clarification on areas of interest based on feedback received on the first edition.

Significant enhancements to this update that ABS Group developed include:

  • A section on Lessons Learned from early adopters of LNG-fueled vessels, including the first LNG bunkering and gas-fueled vessel operation in North America.
  • A Project Guide which provides a "road map" of the regulatory, stakeholder, and technical issues associated with developing an LNG bunkering project. This includes a poster size infographic which is a comprehensive guide for working through the various issues for LNG bunkering facilities, gas-fueled vessels and LNG bunkering vessel projects.
  • An updated Port Directory and Survey for which ABS Group contacted and visited ports in North America to collect details from stakeholders, Port Authorities, Harbor Safety Committees, regulators (including the USCG) and other vested parties interested in LNG and LNG bunkering at their respective port. Questions from these visits and discussions centered on receptivity/plans for LNG development, state/local regulations, ongoing projects (exploratory/pre-production, current production and postproduction phases) as well as local development processes for including LNG within the various ports.

"Interest in LNG bunkering in North America continues to grow even with the recent decrease in oil prices," said Chuck Mitchell, Vice President Global LNG Services for ABS Group. "Our intent is to provide working tools, templates and information that will help clients safely and efficiently advance their LNG bunkering projects."

ABS Group has a long history of supporting safe, resilient and reliable operations at US ports, including projects such as risk management plans, security audits and business process improvements for both commercial clients and government agencies, including Port Authorities and the USCG.

View our LNG Bunkering Regulatory Framework or watch our Insights video in the Knowledge Center.


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ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (ABS Group) and its operating subsidiaries provide risk management solutions and certification services worldwide that help clients address the safety, integrity, quality and environmental efficiency of critical assets and operations. Headquartered in Spring, Texas, ABS Group operates with more than 1200 professionals across the globe, serving the marine and offshore, oil, gas and chemical, government, power and energy and industrial sectors. ABS Group is a subsidiary of ABS (, a leading marine and offshore classification society.

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