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Inspection Data Management Services

A Digital Solution to Manage Your Assets 

Powered By Metegrity Visions Enterprise®

A risk and reliability-based asset management program underpinned by high-performance software can reduce maintenance inspection and testing costs by up to 30%.  

ABS Group has combined its technical engineering expertise with Metegrity’s industry-leading Visions Enterprise® software to deliver sustainable asset management programs to clients that enhance compliance and optimize asset performance. Clients gain access to a broad range of technical experts, a low-cost entry point for enterprise IDMS, optimized inspection and maintenance planning, improved visibility and trending and benchmarking of asset condition – ultimately reducing asset downtime.  

Combining Technical Engineering Expertise with State-of-the-Art Software

Transform your AIM program at a fraction of the cost of full-scale Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) implementation. Our data management services support asset integrity and risk management through all phases of the asset lifecycle, empowering clients with an end-to-end solution. 

Inspection Management

  • Inspection planning
  • Inspection project management
  • Third-party inspections
  • Nondestructive evaluation
  • Technical review and quality assurance
  • Anomaly remediation

Data Management

  • Legacy data and document migration: drawings, equipment design, inventory lists, previous inspection and NDE data
  • Data quality assurance and quality control
  • Ongoing data and document management
  • Future data migration to full-scale  
  • IDMS and Computerized  
  • Maintenance Management  
  • System integration 



  • Missing documentation reengineering
  • Damage mechanism assessment
  • Risk-based inspection
  • Test plan development
  • Equipment non-conformance ranking
  • Fitness for service 
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