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Project Due Diligence Solutions

Enhancing Project Success

Unlock the Potential of Technical Due Diligence with ABS Group

ABS Group is committed to helping our clients identify, quantify and mitigate financial and technical risks associated with large-scale projects. With our comprehensive expertise in market analysis, project management and third-party inspection, we offer a distinctive approach to help clients safeguard their financial investments, optimize returns and drive efficient project execution. 

Our services cater to projects involving vessels and unique floating and fixed assets within the offshore energy explorations and production sectors. ABS Group, as an independent engineer, provides invaluable support for complex marine and offshore projects by conducting technical due diligence, ensuring oversight continuity and cohesiveness throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Our primary objective is to foster a seamless and integrated relationship between project owners and contractors. Simultaneously, we provide assurance to lenders that projects are on schedule, achieving critical milestones and adhering to regulatory and industry standards.  

Services for LendersServices for Development Teams

Due Diligence for Lenders

To protect their financial exposure, investors in capital-intensive projects should anticipate the technical and commercial value of a project scope before the bidding phase and remain confident of successful execution throughout the development, construction and commissioning stages. 

Project lenders and underwriters can call ABS Group to provide an independent project feasibility analysis that considers market conditions and the associated engineering and technical risks.

Our risk management services include the following: 

  • Asset valuation analysis and appraisal consulting
  • Due diligence
  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Review of project assumptions
  • Quantification of uncertainties and cost-benefit analysis
  • Technical provisions for structured financing and leveraged lease transactions
  • Technical and engineering analysis of key project components
  • Standards verification inspections and surveys during construction and commissioning

Due Diligence for Project Development Teams

ABS Group provides independent engineer services for project feasibility analyses, contract review and technical support from the earliest concept development and FEED assessment through design, construction and commissioning. Our involvement throughout a project can help keep it on schedule and on budget while verifying that quality and standards conformance is maintained.

Technical Advisory

  • Concept feasibility studies
  • Engineering assessment of the reliability of proposed technology
  • Verification and assessment of a design's operational goals
  • Review of asset selection and configuration for intended service
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Technical design reviews
  • Regulatory compliance assistance

Construction Advisory

  • Construction monitoring
  • Project monitoring
  • Factory acceptance test monitoring
  • Third-party inspections
  • Commissioning inspections

Additional Services

  • Review of operations and maintenance cost assumptions
  • Review of sales and warranty contracts
  • Review of transaction structures
  • Review of permits and license
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