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IMO Cyber Risk Management

IMO Cyber Security Guidelines

Meeting IMO Cyber Risk Management Guidelines

Maritime cybersecurity has been a topic of confusion and debate for the past 20 years. Within the last 5 years, governments, flag administrations and ship owners and operators have stepped in to provide recommendations and guidance as to how the maritime shipping industry can effectively manage evolving cyber threats as a major safety concern and operational risk.

Recognized globally for its maritime guidance promoting safety at sea, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) released Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management (Cyber Risk Management Guidelines) to provide cybersecurity best practices to the shipping industry. IMO's Cyber Risk Management Guidelines define cyber risk management as part of operational safety and provide recommendations to demonstrate cybersecurity in existing safety management systems. ABS Group provides a portfolio of cyber risk management solutions to help vessels, ports and terminals meet the IMO guidelines and build a cybersecurity program for 2021 and beyond.

Meeting the IMO Cyber Risk Management Guidelines will require assessing, identifying and developing  security measures to manage your vessel's cyber risks.

What to Know and How to Comply with the IMO Cyber 2021 Guidelines

According to IMO, cybertechnologies have become essential to the operation and management of numerous systems critical to the safety and security of shipping operations and protection of the marine environment.

IMO encourages organizations to address cyber risk in a safety management system (SMS) no later than the first annual verification of your company's Document of compliance after 1 January 2021.

Request an on-demand webinar and download our primer covering IMO's Cyber Risk Management Guidelines and the steps you need to take to reduce the likelihood and impact of a cyber incident.

ABS Group offers technical expertise from over 150 years of best practice and innovation in the maritime sector, with custom solution packages to help ship owners and operators implement cyber risk management in their SMS. Explore our services and contact us to get started ahead of IMO's deadline.

Review your cyber readiness.

Get started with a 10-minute free checklist aligned with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Cyber Risk Management Guidelines.

A Standard Approach to Cyber Risk Management 

While adopting IMO's proactive guidelines supports effective cyber risk management practices, we recommend that organizations build a comprehensive set of cybersecurity capabilities to facilitate the appropriate levels of conformance with international standards and/or Flag and Port Administration requirements.

ABS Group offers three (3) options for IMO Cyber Risk Management services that align with your path to compliance. These service options not only meet IMO's guidelines, they also comply with BIMCO, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and ISO/IEC cybersecurity standards.

We understand there are a number of standards and requirements addressing cybersecurity. To drive a standardized approach, we are collaborating with multiple industry sectors and regulators, including as the Chair of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) Cyber Risk Management Special Interest Group, and through our partnership with the American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (the American Club).

Building Cyber Resiliency in Your Safety Management System

Cybersecurity Solutions and Services  

 Self-Service Toolkit

 Assessment Guidance

  • CRM Readiness Checklist

  • CRM Guidance Primer

 Roadmap Template

  • Cyber Risk Assessment Procedure

  • Mitigation Strategy and Roadmap and Template

 SMS Template

  • CRM Integration Procedures

  • Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M) Template
 Essential Support

 Critical Function Identification

  • Focus on systems in the SMS

  • System categorization based on impacts to safety

 Cyber Risk Assessment

  • Facilitate cyber risk assessments on critical functions

  • Populate risk register for SMS

 Cyber Risk Management Template

 Template includes:

  • Critical Functions

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment Results
  • Examples of Cyber Risk
  • Protections applicable to the Maritime Industry
 Full-Service Support

 Gap Assessment

  • CRM Gap Assessment Report

 Risk Workshop and Roadmap Development

  • CRM Options and Considerations Report

  • Mitigation Strategy and Roadmap

 SMS CRM Integration and POA&M

  • Gap Assessment Report

  • Options and Considerations Report
  • Cyber Risk Mitigation Strategy and Roadmap
  • Updated SMS with CRM
  • POA&M

 CRM Capability Implementation

 Choose from the following capabilities:

  • E-Learning

  • Incident Response Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Intrusion Detection/Security Monitoring

Develop a Roadmap for Your Path to Compliance

Our Maritime Cybersecurity team will perform a gap assessment and work with you to develop a roadmap for cyber capabilities development, including integrating policies and procedures, implementing security measures, updating your SMS for cyber resiliency and conforming to the applicable rules and standards for your vessel.

Learn more about the latest cybersecurity guidelines in an interview with Angeliki Zisimatou, Global Head of Cybersecurity Operations at ABS Group.

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