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Cybersecurity for MTSA-Regulated Facilities

Cybersecurity for MTSA-Regulated Facilities

Managing Cyber Threats at MTSA-Regulated Facilities

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) in its Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 01-20 calling for increased cybersecurity and cyber risk management controls across maritime facilities regulated under the 33 CFR 105 and 106 code of federal regulations.

SWOT24™, Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity by ABS Group, can help your facility navigate and conform to the standards and guidance set forth in this NVIC. In addition, we can help facility owners and operators understand how to apply the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework to establish a resilient cybersecurity program within a Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated facility. Our team of experienced Cybersecurity engineers and regulatory advisors are qualified to assist you with the development and implementation of your facility's program. 

Learn more about our services for MTSA-regulated facilities.

How to Implement U.S. Coast Guard Cybersecurity Requirements

Given that maritime facilities operate directly in the middle of the supply chain, a persistent cyber attack could result in significant financial losses—not only to the facility itself but to its upstream and downstream customers. Implementing a solid cybersecurity program is critical to demonstrating proper due diligence.

Cyber risk management varies greatly from facility to facility based on the size and complexity of each facility's cyber systems.

The U.S. Coast Guard makes clear that facilities need to conduct effective cybersecurity assessments. A properly performed cybersecurity assessment is a powerful tool to reduce service disruption and threats to employee safety and security that just makes good business sense.

SWOT24 has a range of cybersecurity services to help waterway facilities throughout the United States implement a cyber risk management program and meet existing MTSA-regulated facilities guidelines and standards. Read our primer to learn more.

Address Cyber Risk in Your Facility Security Plan

As further outlined in the Coast Guard's NVIC 01-20 cybersecurity guidelines, facilities on the Outer Continental Shelf need to address cyber risk management in their facility security plans to meet the existing maritime standards and regulations.

MTSA-regulated facilities need to assess, identify and develop a set of risk-based security measures to address cyber risk and demonstrate that their facilities have a cybersecurity plan in place that mitigates the risk of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.

Building Cyber Resiliency at Your Facility

Facility Security Officer Training Course

With emphasis on protecting critical information infrastructure within facilities, Facility Security Officers (FSO) have an important role in building cyber resilience and infusing cyber into an existing security program. ABS Group developed the first cybersecurity training course in the U.S. geared towards FSOs to establish a cybersecurity program at regulated facilities. Our training demystifies cyber risk for non-cyber risk professionals, providing an excellent understanding of how cyber can pose a threat to your facility, the tools used by cyber professionals to assess risk and how cyber vulnerabilities can be addressed in an annex to your port and terminal facility security plan. Learn more about our FSO Cybersecurity training course.

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