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OT Cybersecurity for New Construction

Operational Technology Cybersecurity for New Construction

Modern cybersecurity has implications beyond virtual environments, making it a critical factor during initial design and planning stages of newbuild projects. Without it, you risk supply chain disruption and other cyber exposures during operation and production.

The Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity team at ABS Group provides security services for newbuild projects, connecting your organization’s people, technologies and assets. These industrial cybersecurity services help to ensure high productivity throughout the new construction process. We support complex projects in critical infrastructure including wind farms, offshore platforms, power plants and marine vessels, among others. 

Project Planning

Cybersecurity Program Management, Cybersecurity Management Plan, Vendor Management Plan

Design and Engineering

Cyber Inspection and Test Process, Detailed Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation Plan, Supply Chain Risk Management


Cyber Inspection and Test Validation, Cyber Acceptance Test Support

Managing a Lifetime of Cyber Resilience

Overwhelmingly, organizations see a growing need to implement cybersecurity in their OT environments at the start of a project and manage that risk through the lifecycle of their assets. The biggest challenge is where to start.

During the initial phase of a new construction project, our OT Cybersecurity team's Clean-Build Program designs a custom plan with careful consideration of your asset inventory, network architecture, security frameworks and malware protection implementation throughout your OT and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

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