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Zero Trust for OT (ZT4OT™)

Zero Trust for OT Cybersecurity

There’s no room for error in cybersecurity. As a result, companies are widely adopting Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) for Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity.

Building a Stronger Zero Trust Framework

ZTA is based on a fundamental premise: trust nothing, verify everything. Specifically, ZTA removes any implicit trust between users or devices and the networks they interact with. But while ZTA is a proven strategy, not all Zero Trust Security Models are equal. Without a holistic solution that accounts for specific industry and business needs, you risk inefficient programs and unaddressed threats and vulnerabilities.

The Zero Trust philosophy is effective, but we believe it’s only the beginning. We use our cross-industrial experience and cutting-edge technology to create ZT4OT strategies that bridge your OT and IT environments and satisfy specific network access and compliance requirements.

Approaching the Convergence of OT and IT

IT and OT are not created equal: they can’t share methodologies, especially in complex workflows with multiple user types, workload demands and compliances. Zero Trust philosophies help manage complexity by letting companies determine perimeters around assets and policies that enforce them.

A zero-trust architecture requires the most advanced security technologies supporting identity and access control, software defined networks and micro-segmentation. We take a consultative approach that starts with a thorough understanding of your operation requirements and security needs, including an in-depth analysis of IT and OT assets that determines implementation and management.

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