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Remote Process Safety Management Solutions

Remote Process Safety Management Solutions

Delivering Remote Process Hazard Analyses and Process Safety Management to Your Facility

We are experienced in providing remote process safety management (PSM) services to facility owners and operators in the Oil, Gas and Chemical and other process industries to maintain effective and efficient safety management for critical assets and operations. We offer virtual process hazard analyses, audits, facility siting and training to help clients meet regulatory compliance and performance objectives.

Organizations must rely on remote and virtual operations during this unprecedented time, and ABS Group will continue to support our clients’ business continuity using the latest digital technologies and techniques.

We are ready to schedule a virtual demonstration on how to sustain the following PSM activities:

  • Mechanical Integrity – Damage Mechanism Review/ Assessment and Risk Based Inspection
  • PSM Related Training – Awareness and In-Depth Technical Training
  • Program Development – Program Policy/Procedure Development

How We Can Help with Remote Capabilities

ABS Group's Process Safety team can help your facility navigate and conform to international standards and requirements and establish a data-driven PSM program in accordance with your regulatory and performance objectives. Our team of experienced risk and reliability engineers are qualified to assist you on the path to compliance, from the earliest stages of design through the operational lifecycle, using the latest data techniques and digital solutions.

Remote services for facilities support:

Process Safety Performance

  • Ensuring Organizational Focus and Diligence
  • Managing Change – Physical and Organizational
  • Meeting PSM/RMP Compliance Dates
  • Adhering to Internal Program/Policy Requirements

Program Momentum

  • Sustaining Importance
  • Continuing Improvements
  • Maintaining Budgets/Resources
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