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Process Hazard Analysis FAQs

Is conducting a HAZOP Analysis the same thing as conducting a PHA?

Not necessarily. A HAZOP study may not address several of the specific regulatory requirements that must be addressed in a PHA (e.g. review of prior incidents, facility siting, evaluation of a range of effects).

Is there only one approach for conducting a PHA Revalidation?

No, there are several, including (1) redoing the PHA, similar to conducting an initial PHA, (2) updating and revalidating the PHA, or (3) retrofitting, updating, and revalidating the PHA. Selecting the best approach to revalidate a previous PHA depends upon several factors and the approach selected may vary for a given PHA over the life of the process.

How is the cost of conducting a PHA or Revalidation determined?

The overall cost for conducting a PHA is driven primarily by the following factors (in order of decreasing cost):

  • The time/resources to address/resolve and implement (if appropriate) the PHA team's recommendations
  • The PHA team members' time to participate in the meetings
  • The PHA leader's time to prepare/conduct meetings and document the PHA
Is LOPA a study required for PHAs?

No, LOPA is an optional supplement to PHAs. It is a more structured way for companies that have established risk tolerance criteria to decide if the safeguards identified in a PHA are adequate.

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