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Donald Lorenzo

Senior Technical Director of Onsite Training; ABS Consulting

Don Lorenzo has more than 40 years of experience in the chemical, petroleum, manufacturing, mining, and nuclear industries. He is an expert in process hazard analysis (PHA), process safety management (PSM), and incident investigation. He has managed and performed hundreds of PHAs, risk analyses, and incident investigations for a wide variety of batch and continuous processes manufacturing, using, separating, storing, or destroying hazardous materials. He participated in the Baker Panel investigations following a major refinery accident in Texas City, Texas.

Mr. Lorenzo is a Senior Technical Director of the Knoxville Office of ABSG Consulting Inc. (formerly JBF Associates, Inc.) and is Director of ABS Consulting’s onsite training services. He has taught hazard recognition, PHA, PSM, and reliability analysis techniques to thousands of engineering, operating, and maintenance personnel.

He is co-author of several widely referenced books, including: Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures, Second Edition with Worked Examples (referenced in 1910.119), A Manager’s Guide to Reducing Human Error; A Manager’s Guide to Quantitative Risk Assessment, Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety, Human Factors Methods for Improving Performance in the Process Industries, Guidelines for Initiating Events and Independent Protection Layers in Layer of Protection Analysis, and Essential Practices for Conduct of Operations and Operational Discipline. He is also a co-author of the Root Cause Analysis Handbook, Third Edition, published by Rothstein Associates Inc.

Mr. Lorenzo received his engineering degree, summa cum laude, from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also received his M.S. in nuclear engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received an Outstanding Young Engineer Award from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996. He has been a Certified Technical Trainer since 1997 and is currently a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Tennessee.

Before joining ABS Consulting, Mr. Lorenzo was a research and development engineer for Union Carbide Corporation and received Patent 4,328,423 for one of his ideas.

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