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Greg Knight

Technical Manager of Process Hazards/Advanced Engineering Division; ABS Consulting

Mr. Knight has extensive experience performing vapor cloud dispersion modeling of flammables and blast loads calculations for client facility siting and RMP rules compliance. This experience includes performing vapor cloud explosion (VCE) blast load calculations, modeling high explosives, pressure vessel bursts, BLEVEs and chemical runaway reactions. He manages facility siting and QRA projects and assists clients as needed to determine credible explosion scenarios, mitigate explosion potential and recommend actions to minimize explosion consequences. Mr. Knight has worked on over 100 petrochemical siting study projects.

Mr. Knight has professional experience in the numerical modeling field. He has been formally trained in several blast prediction codes and methods, some of which include: CEBAM, AUTODYN, FLACS, and PHAST. His experience extends to the use of computational fluids dynamics (CFD) codes to predict both dispersion of accidental and intentional releases (such as LNG and LPG) along with the prediction of blast pressures to structures and personnel. Mr. Knight has worked on over 40 CFD petrochemical projects using the FLACS software.

Mr. Knight has 10+ years of engineering software development experience using Visual Basic, VB.Net, C#, and the C++ programming languages. He has developed numerous in house applications including SDOF analysis, database, vapor cloud explosions, and high explosives blast analysis software. He has extensive experience in object oriented programming methods and 3D graphics and animations utilizing the OpenGL libraries. He also has experience in re-factoring legacy code and software lifecycle issues. He is the lead developer for FACET3D, the primary facility siting and QRA analysis tool used by the ABS Consulting Extreme Loads and Structural Risk Group.

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