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Johnny Waclawczyk

Director, Operations

Mr. Waclawczyk graduated from Texas A&M University in 1991 earning a Civil Engineering degree with an emphasis in structural engineering. Mr. Waclawczyk has over 25 years of experience in the design of new buildings to resist blast loads, evaluation of existing buildings for response to blast, design of building blast upgrades, explosion incident investigations, and the design of blast containment chambers. He has designed and overseen construction of numerous blast resistant buildings and specific building retrofits to mitigate the effects of explosions. He is well versed in performing consequence analysis for petroleum and chemical plants in accordance to OSHA 1910.119 requirements including site surveys, collecting data on existing buildings, and analyzing the level of building response for blast loads. 

Mr. Waclawczyk experience is founded in knowledge of blast phenomena and field work for explosion testing and research.  He has provided field supervision, data acquisition, and data analyses support for multiple research programs.  Programs have included proof testing blast chambers, windows hazards research testing, development of a passive blast attenuator, design of reactive armament for protection of critical structures, scale model testing for design of a large-scale shock tube, window retrofit studies, and large-scale tests of upgrade modifications for CMU walls.

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