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Vernon Guthrie

Instructor, ABS Group

Vernon Guthrie has 35 years of experience providing thought leadership in the development and application of risk analysis methods and tools which often involve the management and facilitation of large groups of technical experts. Guthrie's career has focused on assisting clients in understanding what risk based information is needed for supporting good decision making and determining the most efficient approach for providing that information. 

Guthrie is also an instructor for risk assessment, incident investigation/root cause analysis and enterprise risk management (ERM) courses. Guthrie has performed incident investigation and root cause analyses for refinery, petrochemical and nuclear clients at many locations in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Canada. Additionally, Guthrie has led enterprise risk management efforts for both commercial and public clients including 2013 support for assessing and guiding ERM at BSEE. Guthrie has participated in and facilitated numerous tasks for the U.S. Coast Guard to develop and deploy national and port security risk assessment tools and to assess other procurement, project, safety and security risks.

Before joining ABS Group's Knoxville Office, Guthrie provided thought leadership in risk assessment and risk management for the Nuclear Division of Union Carbide Corporation at the Department of Energy facilities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Areas of expertise include enterprise risk assessment, root cause analysis, risk and reliability analysis and the development of computer software for risk assessment applications.

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