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Waiting List for Training Courses

Wait List for Virtual or Onsite Courses

Periodically ABS Group runs demand based courses in addition to the normally scheduled courses.  These are to cater for:

  1. Higher demand than anticipated,
  2. For people who cannot attend the scheduled dates within a reasonable timeframe, and
  3. For employees of specific companies who have adopted the ABS Group bespoke methodologies, and a specific course is required as part of the competency requirements.

Please register your details below and once the minimum number of attendees has been met, you will receive a notification with course details and scheduling options.

Process Safety Management (C100)

Learn how to interpret the performance-based requirements of the OSHA process safety management (PSM) regulation and the prevention program portion of the EPA risk management program (RMP) rule (the PSM regulations). You will also learn how to develop and implement a cost-effective PSM program for a single facility or an entire corporation.

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Process Hazard Analysis Leader (C110)

Learn practical methods for performing process hazard analyses (PHAs) of systems, procedures, and computer software using the hazard and operability (HAZOPs), what if / what-if, and checklist analysis techniques that address federal regulatory requirements. Qualify as a "knowledgeable" PHA leader, as required by OSHA and EPA, and be eligible for certification as a PHA leader.

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Root Cause Analysis (C120)

Learn to use the SOURCE™ root cause analysis (RCA) methodology for investigating incidents. This methodology will help you initiate a root cause analysis incident investigation, gather data for investigating all types of incidents, collect data through interviews and parts analyses, apply powerful techniques for causal factor and root cause identification.

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