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Take Control of Your Operational Technology Security Risks

Digitalization has become a market reality and the cyber threat landscape is evolving faster than capabilities are being built. As a result, industrial cybersecurity is now an industry-wide business imperative. Without the proper operational technology (OT) cybersecurity strategy in place, your operations could easily become compromised. 

We work with a diverse range of clients, including maritime, offshore, industrial, oil, gas and chemical, power and energy and government to understand their unique OT cybersecurity risks and help them build industrial security solutions to reduce the likelihood of an attack. From the earliest concept and design phases to integrating a program into existing operations, we'll help your organization develop and implement the industrial security solutions and controls you need to manage cyber risk.


Cyber capabilities decrease the likelihood of successful attacks

Discover the breadth and depth of our industrial cybersecurity capabilities


OT Cybersecurity Risk: A Growing Threat for Operational Technology Networks

Organizations are challenged to improve cybersecurity according to a survey of 701 practitioners from industries dependent on industrial control systems and other OT. Ponemon Institute's survey data show that most organizations understand cyberattacks are relentless and continuous against OT environments. Cyber risk can expose your business and its OT network to significant disruption and operational downtime without visibility and control. Organizations in the OT sector must minimize and mitigate the growing threat of cyber risk.

A comprehensive OT cybersecurity program is mission-critical to your business.


Respondents experienced an attack against OT infrastructure which resulted in downtime to the company's plant and/or operational equipment in past 24 months.


Respondents say downtime of OT systems is the highest factor used when quantifying their organization's overall cybersecurity risk.


Respondents agree organizations must prioritize industrial cybersecurity and improve ability to keep up with the sophistication and stealth of cybersecurity attackers.

Study: Measuring & Managing the Cyber Risks to Business Operations
Source: Tenable and Ponemon Institute, 2019

Industrial Cyber Security Solutions

ABS Group approaches industrial cybersecurity as a risk management function. Our risk-based solutions cover every stage of your cyber defense for converging IT and OT systems. We offer industrial network security based on our client's specific needs and unique operating environment to support existing organizational strategies for risk, reliability and operational safety. Without a comprehensive industrial cybersecurity program, organizations open themselves to the risk of losing visibility and control over their OT assets.


Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Operational Technology Network Risk Assessment

Technology risks are derived from the exploitability of an asset's functions, through its connections, and by human or digital identities. Our OT cyber risk assessment process focuses on analyzing potential cyber threats using the ABS FCI Cyber Risk Model™. This method helps our clients understand their unique OT cybersecurity risk levels so they can make better decisions and investments.

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Managed Services: Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security

Managed Services: Industrial Control System Cybersecurity 

Our industrial cyber OT network monitoring and managed services provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your OT networks, management of your threats and persistent monitoring for potential attacks. From our centralized Industrial Security Operations Center (ISOC), we provide 24/7/365 OT monitoring and managed services that maximize your coverage to ensure the protection of your business and its sensitive data.

Our industrial cybersecurity experts then take the raw data from your systems, combine it with a variety of cyber intelligence sources and turn it into relevant and actionable guidance.

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Cyber Security in New Construction

New Construction: Industrial Control System Security Services

Cybersecurity must be factored into the initial design and planning stages of your newbuild project to minimize supply chain risks and other cyber exposures during operation and production. Our ICS security services help ensure high productivity and less down-time throughout the new construction process.

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Cyber Security Specialized Consulting

Specialized Consulting: Protection Against Operational Technology Cyber Threats 

Our network of highly skilled and experienced ICS cybersecurity consultants brings together professionals from multiple industries and backgrounds to provide you with integrated capabilities. Specialized ICS security consulting is an end-to-end service for customers requesting agile cybersecurity solutions typically aimed at enhancing your organization's maturity.

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Why ABS Group Cybersecurity services?

We understand your cyber risks.

Cyber criminals are targeting the equipment, systems and devices you need to safely and effectively run your operations. Knowing how to manage your organization's unique cyber risk will require specialized knowledge of both IT and OT. Our team is highly skilled in understanding how to manage cyber risk – and address it as an operational safety issue – across diverse industries and market sectors.

From assessing and planning, to developing network protections, to managing your detection and incident response, ABS Group will work with you to understand and reduce your cyber risk. Contact us to get started or browse our resources to learn more about cyber risk management.

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