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Maritime Cybersecurity

Maritime Cyber Security Services

Leading Maritime Cybersecurity and Risk Management

A company's demonstrated ability to manage and mitigate cyber risk can impact everything from insurance rates, to investment levels, to its competitive position in the market. These business drivers are increasing across all industrial sectors, including the maritime industry, making cybersecurity a business imperative.

ABS Group is working across the marine and offshore value chain to help clients reduce cyber risk, improve safety and remain competitive.

The optimal time to consider implementing a robust cybersecurity program on board your asset is during the earliest stages of design and construction or when a vessel is in drydock. Our Cyber Risk Reduction and Cyber Risk Rating (CybeR2)™ Program helps shipyards, marine and offshore owner/operators and shoreside ports and terminal operators assess, understand and control cyber risk for more secure and compliant assets.

Depth and Breadth of Our Maritime Cyber Experience


Maritime Cybersecurity Solutions for the Entire Supply Chain

The optimal time to consider implementing a robust cybersecurity program is now.

We focus on delivering capabilities that support the entire supply chain – owners, operators, shipyards, shipbuilders and vendors – in reducing cyber risk, from one vessel to a fleet. Our comprehensive maritime cybersecurity solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Remote Monitoring and Managed Services for Operational Technology (OT)
  • IT and OT capabilities at every stage of defense
  • Cybersecurity Assessment using the ABS FCI Cyber Risk™ Model 
  • Cybersecurity Program Standup and Awareness Training
  • OT Cybersecurity Management Office and Incident Response
  • OT System Documentation and Management of Change

Cyber Risk Management for IMO Compliance

IMO Cyber Risk Management

We can help you meet IMO's guidelines for implementing cyber risk management into your existing SMS. Our team provides guidance for complying with international recommendations and standards, including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

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 Cybersecurity for Global Ports and Terminals

Ports Cybersecurity

Explore our consulting training services to help waterway facilities around the world implement cyber risk management. We'll work with you to conduct remote or in-person assessments and develop a roadmap for integrating cybersecurity in your facility plans.

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Cybersecurity for MTSA-Regulated Facilities

Cybersecurity for MTSA Facilities

Navigate and conform to the requirements set forth by the U.S. Coast Guard in accordance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) by establishing a resilient cybersecurity program. Learn more about our services for MTSA-regulated facilities.

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Know Your Cyber Risk 

Our maritime cybersecurity solutions place the controls for responding to cyber risks back into the hands of the asset owner.

Powering our cybersecurity solutions is the ABS FCI Cyber Risk™ method used to measure cyber risks associated with OT assets. This proprietary approach provides marine and offshore clients with a risk index for their OT assets, giving owners and operators an actionable strategy to reduce cyber risk onboard a vessel or offshore facility. 

The ABS FCI Cyber Risk model was developed following a two-year research contract with the Maritime Security Center—a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence—led by Stevens Institute of Technology and including the U.S. Department of Defense. Read more about how the model works: 

A Simple Approach to Understanding the Cyber Risk in OT Assets

Brennan, Miletello and Bramson at USCG Sector New York at historic Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, February 27, 2020

Episode 1: Cyber Risk Series - United States Coast Guard: Let's talk 'cyber risk.' What is it and what does the threat landscape look like today? Host Ian Bramson, head of cyber security at ABS Group, takes on a topic that's created a lot of confusion over the last 20 years. In this episode, he sits down with Lieutenant Commander Sarah Brennan and Emily Miletello, Attorney, at the U.S. Coast Guard to ask how the government is monitoring cyber risk as a threat to operations and how we can stay informed.

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Custom and Remote Cybersecurity Training

Knowledge isn't just power, it's safety.

Operational safety depends on employees and third parties knowing how to identify, avoid and quickly manage cyber threats. Every major cyber standard, regulation and guideline highlights the critical importance of training.

ABS Group provides training capabilities to address your industry's unique operational environment. We offer custom and remote training solutions tailored to your industry. Our role-based training looks at operational safety and risk in maritime, offshore and other industrial environments, focusing on behavioral changes that will strengthen your organization's cyber resiliency.

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