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International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Conference 2022

ILTA 2022

ILTA 2022

Visit us at Booth #584 to discover how we can address your operational challenges.

Don't Just Manage Your Risk, Control It.

The ILTA 2022 conference brings together one of the largest North American gatherings of terminal industry executives, buyers and influencers. Attendees will gain a greater awareness of issues impacting terminal facilities and discover new approaches to improve their operations.

With over 50 years of risk and safety management experience, ABS Group provides comprehensive data-driven solutions to help you eliminate uncertainty in your operations. Our deep domain expertise, innovative techniques and advanced analytics will help you on your journey to better safety, security, sustainability and reliability.

ABS Group Resources

eBook: 5 Reasons to Implement an Industrial Cybersecurity Program Today

5 Reasons to Implement an Industrial Cybersecurity Program Today

Understand the top five (5) threats to your industrial cybersecurity and how you can implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program that protects your daily operations.

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Asset Integrity Management Toolkit

Asset Integrity Management

Our combined content provides insight into risk based AIM solutions for improving uptime, reducing inspection costs, and driving operational excellence. 

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Natural Hazards Risk Management Toolkit

Natural Hazards Risk Management

Download a compilation of insights and resources designed to assist industrial facilities in reducing their exposure to natural Hazards.

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Supporting Liquid Terminals Worldwide

Asset Management

When it comes to asset management, one size hardly fits all. We consider the key circumstances that affect your organization, including environmental, social and cultural factors, to develop policies, risk identification and programs to achieve the highest return on investment possible for your assets, ultimately maintaining your company’s bottom line. By addressing: (1) Regulatory Compliance, (2) Operational Efficiency and (3) Safety, we operate in a framework that naturally allows your organization to embrace the big picture of Reliability and Integrity.

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Extreme Loads and Structural Risk

ABS Group's Extreme Loads and Structural Risk division is dedicated to solving problems related to extreme loads and their impacts on buildings and structures.

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Industrial Cybersecurity

We approach industrial cybersecurity as a risk management function. Our risk-based solutions cover every stage of your cyber defense for converging IT and OT systems. We offer industrial network security based on our client's specific needs and unique operating environment to support existing organizational strategies for risk, reliability and operational safety.

With a focus on OT and critical control systems, our comprehensive solutions will protect, detect and respond to cyber attacks in real time.

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Process Safety Risk Management

ABS Group has a long history of performing outstanding Process Safety assessments and audits, incident investigations, and training courses around the world. Our experts are regarded as some of the best in the world, being trusted by organizations to design and manage their safety programs.

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Technical Inspection and Verification

Our full range of integrated services includes third-party source inspection and expediting for new construction projects and in-service and risk-based inspection for existing offshore assets during operation and shutdown.

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