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Cyber Security Solutions for Operational Technology

Marine and Offshore Capabilities

What risks do new digital tools pose to maritime and offshore operations?

Cyber security is a safety matter and part of safety

With our current advancement toward a digital future, we see more and more integration between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). While new digital tools provide benefits to industrial operations, they also pose more risks to the security and overall safety of marine and offshore assets. 

"Cyber security is important for OT because it's a safety matter. There are safety implications for people, property, the environment as well as whatever mission the ship has."

"That's where we come in with our cyber security program," says Marcia Lee, cyber security engineer at ABS Group. "We look at where IT and OT are being integrated, what systems are now digital that were not digital 10 years ago, and what new risks do those systems pose and how can we protect them."

Should a cyber security incident occur and affect one of these systems, there are safety implications for the entire marine and offshore supply chain, including life, property and the environment, says Lee. "Cyber security is important for OT because it's a safety matter. Cyber security for OT is part of safety." 

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