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Driving Compliance in Life Sciences Using Enterprise Asset Management Software


Validating Infor EAM to Drive Compliance in Life Sciences

Selecting, configuring and implementing computer systems within the Life Sciences industry can pose significant challenges for an organization in today's world of technology.

With ever-changing hardware and software advances, as well as improved abilities to integrate with other applications, devices and individual assets, organizations have more opportunities than ever to capture data, perform advanced analytics and trigger corrective, preventive or proactive events based on the actions of these interactions. However, these capabilities introduce complexity from a computer systems validation perspective.

Organizations are required to verify and validate that applications which have a direct or indirect impact on the products produced by an organization are working as designed. It is critical that the primary applications are compliant and support the regulatory requirements set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our Asset Management service line helps organizations in other market sectors, such as Life Sciences, comply with FDA requirements through the implementation of enterprise-grade asset management software. 

Learn more by requesting our white paper, "Validating Infor EAM to Drive Compliance in Life Sciences."

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