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Integrating OT Cybersecurity Into a Power Facility with an Agnostic Approach

How to Seamlessly Integrate Cybersecurity Into Your OT Systems with an Agnostic Approach

Industrial cybersecurity in the power space has a vital baseline function: To protect critical infrastructure against cyber threats and attacks. A power plant's lack of cybersecurity is often reflective of the organization's overall risk management posture. Getting key decision-makers at a company to recognize the value of effective solutions that go beyond baseline regulations, like the NERC CIP standards, can be a hurdle. Challenges often stem from a lack of understanding about the different strengths and limitations in information technology (IT) and OT environments.

eBook - How to Seamlessly Integrate Cybersecurity Into Your OT Systems

Do you know the benefits of a vendor-agnostic approach to cybersecurity? With an effective integration strategy, your OT network can interface with any type of operating system. Download our eBook to learn how you can implement a cybersecurity plan that gives your power facility visibility and control against cyber threats.

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Given the myriad hurdles and growing complexity associated with cybersecurity management in the power sector's ever-transforming business landscape, an effective cybersecurity plan that goes beyond risk assessment is necessary.

Cyber attackers are aware that power facilities are not monitoring their industrial control systems (ICS), allowing them free reign to exploit and attack. Without visibility into your OT networks, threat actors can easily cause safety and operational impacts that can possibly turn into catastrophic physical events. Avoid joining the list of organizations that don’t realize they have been hacked until it’s too late. 

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