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Data Analytics and Cyber Risk Management Toolkit

Resources for Data Analytics/Data Management

With the increased focus on data collection used to help businesses improve efficiency and performance comes the additional risks of managing large volumes of data and managing cyber threats. Cyber vulnerability is one of the top risks facing government, industry and society as each relies on a number of critical information infrastructures. Today's owners and operators of data-driven assets are concerned not only with addressing cyber threats but also with understanding their evolving risk as part of their overall security risk management strategies. The need to avoid disruption of assets and operations is critical and will require proactive management of big data and cyber risk for both information technology and operational technology systems. 

To support clients from all market sectors with managing data analytics and developing a cybersecurity risk framework, our Security Risk Management team has provided the following information resources:


Data Analytics: Setting the Foundation for a Data-driven Business
White Paper by ABS Group

Describes the seven key factors required to succeed in Data Analytics so organizations can deliver significant improvements in organizational performance and safety

Infographic: Managing the Risks of Integrating IT and OT Systems
By Matt Mowrer, Director of Applied Technology and Data Analytics at ABS Group

As companies integrate information and technology systems to pursue competitive advantages, how can they protect their assets from potential cyber exploitation? 

ABS Group Webinars

Technical Paper: Big Data Solutions for Pipeline Safety
By Henrique Paula, Senior Vice President; Steve Arendt, Vice President, Global Oil, Gas and Chemical; and Matt Mowrer, Applied Technology and Data Analytics, ABS Group

Presented at the Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety International Symposium in 2016 in association with IChemE, this paper describes how data analytics and better management of process safety data can help pipeline operators comply with updated PHMSA regulations

Infographic: Changing Landscape of Gulf of Mexico Oil Production

Transforming data into insights, this infographic shows how offshore oil production has changed dramatically over the last 30 years and the energy landscape in which newer assets must operate

Project Profile: Analyzing Marine Related Cyber Risk in Critical Systems

Covering the development of a strategic risk framework for understanding the common risk, vulnerabilities and potential consequences of cyber exploitation on marine assets   

Project Profile: Data Analytics Help Identify Critical Components in Offshore Operations

Covering the development of quantitative analytics to identify risks associated with equipment used in offshore operations and strategies for evaluating advanced technology risks 

Insight Article: IIOT and Remote Assets – Changes to the Enterprise Asset Management Landscape
Contributed by GenesisSolutions, An ABS Group Company

Covering how the industrial internet of things (IIOT) is changing the ways in which organizations monitor and maintain their remote assets as data is collected from machinery in remote locations

Insight Article: How CMMS Software Turns Data into Asset Reliability
Contributed by GenesisSolutions, An ABS Group Company

Covering how computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is integral to a proactive strategy for maintaining and managing your data

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