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Project Profile

Data Management: IDMS Program Implementation for Supermajor Energy Company

Project Overview

In the midstream market, large acquisitions often require updates to existing asset management programs to bring the purchased company and all correlating assets into compliance with the purchasing company's risk and regulatory practices. 

ABS Group was selected by a supermajor energy company to facilitate seamless and stress-free implementation of assets into the Visions Enterprise.

The client understood its asset data was fragmented and disorganized. Our objective was to locate, collect and organize their asset documentation, then ensure a complete implementation into their existing Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) database without any surprises or delays to the schedule or budget.

Our Solution

ABS Group based its technical approach on our extensive experience implementing IDMS programs across multiple software platforms. As a previous client of our Asset Integrity Management (APM) services, we were familiar with the existing assets and understood the challenges we would likely face.

Before execution we walked the client through: 1) the expected pitfalls of implementing a large data management program, 2) assumptions that would likely need to be made based on potential missing documents and data, 3) the mitigation steps and corrective actions that would be made.

The solution was a phased approach based on:

  1. Identifying all data sources
  2. Developing an organizational hierarchy to sort the data
  3. Locating code documents
  4. Extracting specific pieces of information required for uploading to the IDMS
  5. Populating load sheets for fast and effective upload
  6. Performing Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) to ensure accuracy and results

Value Delivered

Implementing an IDMS can be a challenge, especially when considering thousands of pieces of equipment with various levels of available data.

Having an experienced team of IDMS implementation professionals can facilitate this process and help resolve the technical hurdles that will undoubtedly present themselves during the process.

Through our successful implementation, the client identified information gaps for assets and developed a resolution plan to close these gaps. Additionally, after implementation they were able to immediately tell which assets were near or past their retirement limit; this helped them plan mitigation strategies for repair, replacement or rerate.

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