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Gas Leak Prevention for Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Facility

Project Overview

Natural gas is an abundant, reliable and inexpensive energy source, but it can also be dangerous if leaks exist. During a brief assessment of a tractors and heavy equipment manufacturing facility in Oklahoma, ABS Group inspected several leaks at the main gas meter and building risers. 

Gas leaks are defined by their severity using a 3-point system:

  • Grade 1 Leak - Considered dangerous in its current state and should be repaired immediately
  • Grade 2 Leak - Not dangerous in its current state but can potentially become hazardous at any time; it should be repaired within 12-15 months
  • Grade 3 Leak - Not dangerous in its current state and does not show the potential to become hazardous in the near future; it should be monitored at least once every 12 months 

The leaks ranged in severity from Grade 1 to Grade 3 with the potential to disperse methane into the atmosphere, one of the world's most potent greenhouse gas emissions. ABS Group recommended that the facility implement an annual natural gas leak inspection and maintenance program to address the issue. 


Our Solution

The suggested program would involve conducting a yearly natural gas leak inspection and repair program to prevent future leaks. The natural gas utility bill savings for this client was double their cost to complete the survey.

Value Delivered

Implementing the program would lead to several benefits for the manufacturing facility, including avoiding safety and environmental hazards associated with natural gas leaks by repairing the detected leaks and preventing future leaks.

The facility would see annual energy savings of 2,173 MMBtu, translating into cost savings of $21,187 annually. The simple payback period for the upfront repair and annual leak survey costs would be 1.2 years, indicating that the program would be a sound investment for the facility in the long run.

Overall, implementing an annual natural gas leak inspection and maintenance program would improve the safety and efficiency of the facility and provide significant cost savings. 

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