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Natural Gas Leak Detection Solutions

Comprehensive Leak Detection for Safer and Cost-Effective Facility Maintenance

Whether it's a one-time leak detection survey or ongoing monitoring, we offer a full scope of leak detection solutions and maintenance contracts for your infrastructure to ensure it stays operating safer, longer and with fewer repair costs, all while meeting federal standards outlined in 49 CFR subparts.

Keeping Your Facility Up to Code 

Regulatory compliance can be a complex and ever-changing landscape. We offer professional and reliable leak detection services, expert knowledge and guidance on regulatory requirements. Our team stays current on the latest regulations and industry standards, and we have strong relationships with regulatory authorities. This helps our customers stay ahead of the game to keep their facilities compliant.

As your partner, we will advise you on which codes and standards are required for leak detection at your facility. We will work with you to ensure that your facility follows all relevant regulations and that your leak detection program meets or exceeds industry standards.  

Cost Savings Through Gas Leak Prevention

Project Profile: Cost Savings Through Gas Leak Prevention in Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Facility

Discover how a tractors and heavy equipment manufacturing facility enhanced safety, efficiency and cost savings by implementing an annual natural gas leak inspection program.

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Download Your Free Safety Poster

Spot the Signs of a Natural Gas Leak

Protect your facility and employees from the dangers of natural gas leaks. Download our free poster now to equip your team with the knowledge to spot the signs of a gas leak. With clear and concise visuals, this poster is a must-have for any safety-conscious workplace. 

Download Infographic

Natural Gas Leak Detection Infographic

Why ABS Group?

Quality Assurance

We guarantee to find leaks as small as 1 part per million (PPM) up to 100% methane (1,000,000 PPM).

Operation Qualification (OQ) Certified Crews

ABS Group ensures all leak detection surveyors are fully OQ certified with their equipment. 

Safety and Environmentally Centered

Our primary goal is to deliver a thorough survey of your infrastructure, ensuring peace of mind for your facilities managers.

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