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POWER-GEN International: ABS Group to Present on Best Practices, Compliance

December 9, 2016

Thomas Adams, ABS Group Vice President of Power Business Development, will present the technical paper "Best Practices for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Development" at 9:30 am on Wednesday, Dec. 14, at the 2016 POWER-GEN International conference. The event will be held Dec. 13-15 in Orlando, Florida.

"CHP projects offer many benefits to a wide array of energy users, and there's a long history of successful adoption of CHP in diverse industries," Adams explains. "For users considering the development and installation of a CHP project for the first time who may not be fully equipped to handle all of the development tasks and challenges, there are several steps we recommend for each stage of development to help mitigate the risks and maximize project success. Our presentation will provide an overview of these best practices based on ABS Group's decades of practical experience working in the energy, nuclear, renewable and conventional power sectors."

In addition, Robert Parker, ABS Group senior security consultant, will present a technical session addressing safety, risk and compliance management in his presentation "Beyond NERC Compliance: Broader Implications for Safety and Cyber Security in the Power Sector," which is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 1:30 pm. ABS Group has performed advanced compliance assessments in accordance with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards for the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Coast Guard and numerous power, chemical and nuclear facilities.

The Power Sector team at ABS Group provides integrated service offerings designed to create value and deliver results across the entire energy asset life cycle: from initial concept and development, acquisition support, engineering and construction, operations and maintenance, through to end-of-life decommissioning or asset reuse. Learn more about our NERC Compliance Services and Power and Energy market solutions.


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