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Pressure Relief System Solutions

Comprehensive Pressure Relief Solutions for the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry

Ensure Safety, Compliance and Operational Excellence

Overpressure events can result in the loss of assets and other significant challenges, such as human injury. Our tailored solutions at ABS Group are designed to alleviate these risks and safeguard your operations by meticulously testing and maintaining pressure systems to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. This approach minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs, positively impacting your bottom line.

By optimizing the performance of your pressure safety valves (PSVs), we help you enhance operational reliability, reduce unnecessary expenditures and achieve cost savings. 

Customized De-Risking Solutions
Prevent Overpressure Events

Overpressure events can lead to severe consequences, including loss of containment and potential explosions. Our team conducts meticulous risk assessments and vulnerability analyses to identify potential weaknesses in your pressure relief systems.

Cybersecurity and Physical Risk Management
Meet Regulatory Standards

Navigating the complex landscape of regulatory standards can be overwhelming. We are well-versed in OSHA and API requirements, and our experts can help guide you through the compliance journey to ensure your systems meet the required standards.  

Energy and Environmental Management Standards
Consolidate and Update Pressure System Information (PSI)

We understand the struggle of managing scattered and outdated PSI documentation. Gain accurate and up-to-date information that serves as the backbone of your asset management strategies.  

Pressure Relief and Flare Systems Services

Program Development

Our Program Development services are designed to ensure that your relief devices are inspected and tested correctly, optimizing their performance and reducing the risk of hidden failures.

  • Identify applicable codes, standards and RAGAGEPs (Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices)
  • Collect and organize process safety information
  • Define inspection testing and preventative maintenance plans
  • Perform qualitative and semi-quantitative risk-based inspection (RBI) assessments
  • Verification of inspection and testing results 


Process Safety Management (PSM) Information and Sizing Verification

Properly sizing your relief devices and analyzing possible scenarios is crucial when protecting your operations from overpressure events. We focus on PSM information and sizing verification as key aspects of our relief device management approach.

Our comprehensive strategy includes compliance assurance, audits and the development of program policies and procedures, all designed to ensure that your relief devices meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices. 

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