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Safety, Risk and Compliance

At a Glance

  • Proactive approach to Safety, Risk and Compliance management
  • Leading Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis expertise
  • Globally trained across multiple process industries
  • Author industry guidelines for safety and risk
  • Data management and analytics support services

We provide services that help our clients face safety compliance shortfalls, understand risk, prioritize actions and improve overall safety and reliability. A proactive Safety, Risk and Compliance management strategy can help you reduce the risk of quality and reliability issues that could lead to equipment failures and avoid potentially catastrophic incidents.

Our industry experts leverage years of experience across many industries to provide practical, risk based solutions that help you avoid major accident hazards, effectively manage safety, understand and manage cyber risk and comply with the myriad of ever changing safety requirements you face.

Services within this Solution

From a process safety audit to a complete safety culture assessment, our services help companies meet regulatory requirements, protect their reputations and improve processes that provide a safer environment for their employees. Our engineers are leaders in safety management and have written many of the industry's most commonly used Guidelines and Risk Based Safety Management publications. Learn more about our safety management offerings.


Risk is an inherent part of our customers' business, potentially impacting processes, safety and performance at every stage of operations. We establish risk management systems to identify and manage a range of risks, including operational, man-made, cyber and natural hazards. Learn how our decades of experience in managing risk have equipped us to design overall risk management systems and conduct specific analyses.


As industries progress, regulations and standards continue to change. We are always ready to help you plan for and implement updates that will allow you to remain compliant as well as help increase reliability, enhance efficiency and decrease risk. Our experienced subject matter experts can evaluate your facility in comparison to the new standards and develop/recommend any necessary changes to the existing infrastructure. See how we work with you to evaluate, manage and confirm compliance.

NERC Compliance

Process Safety Compliance

Building on research efforts led by ABS, our Cyber Risk experts are leading maritime and offshore cyber security for operational technology (OT) with an easily understandable and scalable approach to managing cyber risk for a single asset or an entire fleet. Learn more about our award-winning method for calculating cyber risk and how to apply a comprehensive Cyber Risk Reduction and Cyber Risk Rating (CybeR²) Program for more secure and compliant assets.

Through investigation, analysis and the design of technology-based solutions, this division plays a critical role in helping organizations mitigate the effects of both natural and man-made hazards. We are recognized experts in evaluating natural hazards and man-made risk, conducting blast testing for a range of threats, equipment and scenarios, and providing facility siting services to evaluate explosion, fire and toxic material hazards. Learn more about our
advanced structural analysis and design solutions for critical structures.

We assess a variety of hazards that could lead to a potential incident and provide management and technical support when a response plan is needed. Our root cause analysis and safety management experts are available immediately to manage an investigation. Learn more about our experience developing comprehensive incident solutions.

Through our data management and analytics services, we help our clients capitalize on their enterprise data to improve safety and minimize risk across a variety of operations and activities. We have the capabilities to help you define the long-term objectives for your data program, understand where you are today and recommend a path forward. From small-scale risk prioritization to enterprise-wide, risk-based performance optimization, we can help you evolve to proactive decision making for safer, more predictable operations.

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