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Risk Management

Risk Management

Our customers face risks every day. From the hazardous processes used in their businesses to the extreme locations in which they operate, risk is an inherent part of their business. While we cannot eliminate these risks, we can establish risk management systems to identify and manage a range of risks, including operational, man-made and natural hazards. 

We have developed unique approaches to safety management and risk management building on our decades of experience assisting customers across multiple industries. Our engineers use field-proven methods to offer clients practical, rational and holistic risk management systems and solutions. From quantitative and probabilistic software-based risk modeling to qualitative hazard assessment, we can help you design an overall risk management system or conduct a specific analysis.

Learn more about the risk-based decision making process to optimize program, project prioritization and resource allocation practices.

Data-Driven Solutions for Mitigating Risk

Security Risk Management

Our goal is to help industrial, commercial and government clients mitigate their exposure to security risks using proven and practical risk-based decision-making processes. Our competencies cross numerous facets of operational security risk. We align real-world experience, credible security practices, technologies and people with your business goals to create a lean, purpose-driven security program that increases your operational security value.

To accomplish this, our physical security services solution helps clients:

  • Understand threats and risks to people, property and critical assets
  • Employ the most effective and cost-efficient countermeasures available
  • Analyze available intelligence, assessments and prior studies related to the physical security of a facility to identify security gaps and mitigation strategies
  • Apply security risk methodologies and, where needed, security engineering analyses to buildings, critical infrastructure, ports, public transport and other facilities/compounds
  • Prioritize security needs and align these with the perceived threats and available budget

Understand Operational Security Risks

Quantitative Risk Assessments

We conduct comprehensive risk assessments that evaluate scenarios, frequency and consequence. Through a combination of modeling techniques, facility and industry data analysis and estimating processes that evaluate the impact of potential risks, our goal is to help our clients reduce or control risks that impact their assets and operations.

Take the First Step to Identify Risk

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

An Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy provides enduring management of internal and external risks that threaten your organization's performance. Discover the benefits an ERM strategy can have on financial planning, internal communications and overall business operations.

Manage Risk across Your Enterprise

Thesis Bowtie Software Solution

THESIS BowTie Software Solution

We provide a number of techniques and enterprise risk management tools to help you identify, analyze and manage hazards, including our THESIS BowTie™ 6.3 standalone and THESIS Enterprise™ risk management software solutions. THESIS utilizes the qualitative Bowtie methodology to display the relationship between hazards, controls, risk reduction measures and business activities, helping managers communicate critical procedures and individual responsibilities to employees and demonstrate compliance across all levels of an organization.

Discover Our THESIS BowTie Solution

Related Services

Advanced Engineering

ABS Group's Advanced Engineering division provides state-of-the-art engineering investigation, analysis and design services focused on mitigating the impacts of natural and man-made hazards.

  • Natural Hazards Risk Management
  • Explosion and Thermal Hazards
  • Facility Siting

Natural Hazards Risk Management

We provide risk and safety solutions related to natural hazards, with a broad range of services across many markets including:

  • Risk and damage assessments
  • Seismic and extreme wind design for new and existing structures and equipment installations
  • Financial loss evaluations for seismic, hurricane/typhoon, flood and other severe hazards
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