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COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Model for Worker Safety

Restart Risk Model - COVID-19 Worker Safety

Supporting Worker Safety After COVID-19

The COVID-19 infectious disease pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to global communities across public and private sectors. In this dynamic climate, how can leaders make rational decisions about when to open or close sites or when to allow, prohibit or modify certain activities?

The Restart Risk Model™ is a methodology and process that enables organizations to quickly build a plan to bring workers back to sites safely. With over 40 years of expertise in risk management programs addressing emerging threats and complex safety issue such as natural hazards, major accidents and terrorism, business leaders can have confidence that our systematic process will support their safe transition to the new normal.

Our Covid-19 risk assessment analysts and consultants break down complex systems into smaller components and apply engineering principles to analyze risk.  

Transitioning to the New Normal - Safely and Quickly

Applying this framework, we will analyze sites to understand which work areas and activities present the greatest risk to workforce safety based on several network and transmission risk factors. We have simplified this by developing industry-specific templates that can be customized to any business. The analysis begins with sitewide risk factors, then builds a site-specific profile that identifies unique work areas. Risk factors for each area are scored against area-specific benchmarks and recommended ranges.

Refer to FEMA's Questions to Consider When Reconstituting Operations to understand how our model can help you address the challenge of resuming operations while protecting the well-being and safety of employees and communities.

Through this process, we can systematically analyze which sites and areas present the highest risk for transmission and from which transmission modes, resulting in a prioritized list of recommended controls to implement in high risk areas. We will also identify the policies, procedures, and training required to ensure the new controls are implemented effectively in addition to metrics to monitor the situation and adapt as necessary.

COVID-19 Risk Management Framework Infographic

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The Restart Risk Model™ is a practical and systematic process to develop and manage a plan to safely bring workers back to sites and facilities:

  • Based on guidance from CDC, OSHA, WHO and EU
  • Applies engineering principles to risk management
  • Includes dashboard with KPIs to manage, monitor and adapt to emerging conditions and guidance


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