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David Whittle

Senior Director, Process Safety

David Whittle is Senior Director of Process Safety for ABS Group. In this role, he manages and provides technical guidance to a staff of worldwide engineers who are providing clients with a broad range of practical, high-value solutions to their process safety and risk management needs.

David has over 38 years of experience in a wide range of process safety, risk management, and engineering activities. He is also an instructor of PHA, revalidation, advanced PHA, and PSM/RMP compliance auditing courses for ABS Group's Training Services. In addition, he has been the lead instructor for similar industry training courses presented by engineering professional societies. Throughout his career with ABS Group, he has led, reviewed, participated, and/or audited (1) more than 2000 PHAs and/or revalidations using various hazard analyses techniques (HAZOP, what-if, FMEA, checklists, etc.) and (2) more than 500 PSM/RMP compliance audits or assessments for a wide variety of industries.

He is the coauthor of Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses, the industry guidance book from the American Institute of Chemical Engineer's (AIChE's) Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS). He was also a technical reviewer of the CCPS book Hazard Evaluation Procedures, Second Edition with Worked Examples, which is referenced in Appendix D of OSHA's PSM regulation (29 CFR 1910.119). He has also authored and published numerous papers and/or guidance documents on the subjects of PHAs, PHA revalidations, model risk management programs, and related process safety topics.

Before joining ABS Group, David provided engineering support in several technical capacities for Exxon Company, U.S.A. (Exxon). He received his Chemical Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University.


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